Ah yes... Makeup! My niche in the beauty industry! I loved makeup even before I went to beauty school... in fact, makeup WAS the reason I went to beauty school in the first place! I just love it, it's an art, whether you're doing subtle, natural makeup, or glamorous/exotic makeup. But where makeup is an art, there are also technical things you need to remember. There are actually steps to help you achieve the perfect look!


I'd say this is the most tedious step, but luckily we get it over with immediately. First, you'll wanna find YOUR shade. Nothing's worse than getting the wrong shade. The best area to test a foundation is the jawline. When all else fails, it's better to go a shade lighter than darker, but that's only if you have to. Also, mixing foundations is not ruled out! I actually mix three different colors to get my perfect shade. I'm whiter than sin, so obviously I use very pale colors.

You also need to know if your complexion is warm, cool, or neutral. I'm cool complected. How do I know? I look better in silver! Gold washes me out. If you're warm complected, you'll look good in gold. If you look good in both, you're neutral. That's the most crucial part of picking foundation.

Before you apply anything, you'll want to cleanse your face and apply some primer. You can find primer pretty much anywhere that sells makeup. Only apply what is needed; a little goes a long way. Then, if you need to really cover up some horrid spots on your face, you use coverup! Remember the color wheel and the complimentary colors: red to green, blue to orange, and yellow to violet. So, if you have blemishes or redness, you'll want to lightly apply a green based coverup to those spots. Make sure to blend the edges thoroughly. Also, you may want to use a makeup brush for this. Then, do you have circles under your eyes? I do. Sucks, don't it? Well, usually our circles are violet in color, so you'll wanna use a more yellow toned coverup.

Now that we've done that, you can apply foundation. This is best done with a sponge or brush. You'll want to apply spots of the foundation over the face, and then gently blend until desired look is achieved. Make sure to be gentle when getting close to the lashline and eyes. Applying foundation is a good idea, as it'll come in handy when applying eye shadow.

Make sure that all edges of the foundation are blended into the skin. After this, we set the foundation with powder. You can either get tinted powder that matches your foundation, or get translucent powder. Now, take a powder brush and dust your face with it, and try to avoid the top eyelid. Now that the powder is on, the foundation won't go anywhere!

The next step is contouring, but this is better used for photos and film. I won't go over it, because we're covering basics.

Eye shadow:

In my opinion, this is the funnest part because you can get really creative. Whether you're just doing natural colors or bright colors, you can follow these steps to get beautiful results.

First and foremost, make sure the foundation on your eyelids didn't collect in the crease. Blend it out, and then you can start eye shadow. Another important thing to remember is that the eye shadow can and will fall onto your cheek and ruin your foundation. What you'll want to do is press a folded tissue to right below your bottom lashline, then close your eye and apply the eye shadow. This way, the extra dust will fall onto the tissue and not your face.

One of the most popular techniques is to put your darker color on the crease of your eyelid, the main color on the lid, and the lightest color below the brow. YES, this gives wonderful results, but for some looks, you don't HAVE to follow those steps. If you are looking for a real soft look, make sure to blend very well.

Do the same thing to the other eyelid, including putting the tissue below your eye. TADA! Be-a-UTIFUL color!


Applying eyeliner is completely optional, depending on what look you want. There's pencil, cream, cake, and liquid. I don't like cream because it looks messy and is hard to spread. The other three are wondrous.

If you're going for natural, you'll want to use brown, but if you want bold, use black. You can apply pencil to the top lid, keeping as close to the lashline as you can. It's actually easier to do this with your eye partially open. You choose the thickness and style of the liner. Liquid eyeliner and cake eyeliner are very similar. With cake eyeliner, you have to add a small amount of water, and it becomes liquid eyeliner. I prefer this over pencil because it's more dramatic. Also, you'll notice I'll often do "cat eyes," which look like this:

And this:

So, cat eyes can be with or without bottom eyeliner. I do this most of the time because my eyes are set a little further apart than some (like Sempai, she has closer eyes.) Having wide set or close set eyes is never a bad thing, you just need to learn the techniques to make them look their best. The little point of the cat eye gives the illusion of having closer set eyes. And plus, it just looks so pretty.

Bottom eyeliner is also optional. Sometimes I'll do top liner only because it's more subtle, but you can add bottom eyeliner to add more drama. NEVER USE LIQUID EYELINER ON YOUR BOTTOM LID! Trust me! Always use pencil. Now, I apply the pencil on my water line, which some people don't recommend. If you're careful, you'll be fine. If you're too scared to attempt it, don't do it. Make the eyeliner as thin or thick as you like. If you want the pencil to stay longer, apply eye shadow of the same color as the pencil with a very thin brush, and the powder will set it.


Choosing the right mascara can be difficult. No matter what you look for, avoid Mabelline, Revlon, and Rimmel. Covergirl, L'Oreal, Neutrogena, Almay, even Wet&Wild are great brands. (L'Oreal anything can't go wrong. They're an amazing brand.) If you have super duper awesome makeup from MUD or Mac, even better!

Once you find the color and style of mascara, you're ready to get on it! I recommend first using a manual eyelash curler on the TOP LASHES ONLY. If you're frightened of using one, don't attempt. When you open the mascara, NEVER PUMP THE BRUSH! This creates air bubbles and causes the mascara to dry out more quickly. Always twist the brush inside the bottle. Then, apply to the underside of the top lashes very carefully. Rolling the brush against the lashes is a good technique to combine with the stroking method. Do the same to the top of the lashes. For the bottom lashes, I'd use the method of placing the brush gently on the lower lash and just barely wiggling it back and forth. You can stroke also, whichever works best.

False Eyelashes:

I LOOOOOOVE false eyelashes, but they can be a pain in the ass. Skip this step if you don't wear "falsies," as we used to call them in the 90's. So, you pick out the falsies you want, and make sure you have glue. Sometimes the glue comes with the lashes, but if they don't, you'll find it in the exact same section. Glue come in a number of types, and sometimes color. It's based on your preference.

Before applying, hold the lashes up to your real ones and determine if you need to trim them. If they're too long, you WILL need to. Then, take an orange stick or stripped Q-tip to spread a small amount of glue on the line of the falsies. Never apply the glue to your own lid first. Then wait about 20 seconds. The glue will become tacky instead of so liquidy. This ensures that the lashes stick immediately instead of popping up. When you put the lashes on, make them sit as close to the lashline as possible. If you want, you can crimp your real and false lashes together with the eyelash curler. You can also put a thin line of liquid eyeliner to hide the seam more easily.


I recommend doing the blush later than sooner, just because you won't know if you need to fix your foundation for any reason. I never use blush on myself because it makes me look strange; I like to be pale. However, if you DO use it, here's what you do. First, choose your color. You don't want it too dark or you'll end up looking trampy... well, if you WANT to look trampy, go right ahead. Anyway, get your powder brush and very lightly apply your blush color to the "apple" of your cheek. This is the area right between the cheek bone and the jaw bone. It's also farther away from the nose. So, apply in very light circles to both cheeks. Make them as even as possible. Whoo!

Lip Liner and Lipstick:

Last but not least, your lips. For most women, this is a fun step because the way our lips look is very important to us. Choose whatever color you want, and choose a lip liner close to the same color. Lip liner can be rather challenging, but it's important because it keeps lipstick from bleeding outside your lips. It can also "correct" the shape of your lips. For instance, the Cupid's Bow. This is the little dip in the middle of your top lip. If you have a subtle Cupid's Bow, you can make it more prominent with the lip liner. If yours is TOO prominent, you can fix that too. Also, you can hide scars. I have a scar on my upper lip from a pitbull bite when I was little. It was my fault, really.... tried to ride him like a pony.... XD

So, lining. Follow the inner edge (not outer edge unless you want to look like Marilyn Manson), and "fix" anything you need to in the process. Then, color it in with the lipstick!

Lipgloss is fun too because you don't necessarily have to use lip liner. Really, you could just apply gloss on its own and go. Sometimes it's good to apply gloss over your lipstick too, for extra shine.

Well! That concludes basic makeup! You can get many ideas by looking up makeups that people have done online. But do your own experiments! It's really like painting a picture!

Helpful hint: Can't find that perfect shade of lipstick or lipgloss? MAKE IT. For lipstick, you can use a colorless lipstick or chapstick, mush some up in a bottle cap or something, and add the color of eye shadow that you want your lipstick color to be. Only add a little at a time, mixing it into the bottle cap with your base, and keep adding until you get the desired result. Similarly, you can do this with colorless lip gloss! You'll apply it using a lip brush. For storage, stretch some plastic wrap over your little container (unless you put it in a little container with a lid), and put a rubber band around it. Always keep it stored in room temperature.