Reitanna's Updates


So, why has my website been offline? Because Photobucket ruined it. All of my images had been replaced with a stupid placeholder because now you have to pay like five hundred dollars to use Photobucket to post images on other sites, you know, something that has been free for like two decades or something? So now I've replaced all of my images and there should be no more problems. I'm also going to work on adding a page for my Sims 4 custom content. I dunno when it'll be up, but yeah. Anyway... whoo.



Michael has his own YouTube channel! Check out Mike at Midnight and subscribe!

Also, fixed the "Beauty Tips" banner, spell checked the beauty tips, and added some information to them. I apologize for spelling errors, there's no spell check option here. :(



I removed the videos page because I was like, "I can't upload all of my YouTube videos here, that's too much!" So instead, every page has a little section where you can access my YouTube channel, my Wordpress, and to send me email.

I also age restricted the 18+ pages! I'm so happy I figured out how to do this! Now I don't have to worry about accidental viewings despite the warning, now you'll actually be prompted to type in your age! My only hope is that people are HONEST and don't lie about their age. If you lie about your age and you view the 18+ content, I am not held responsible for the consequences.



I removed a few pages, including "Reitannites Room," and also changed a few links. The reason I took down "Reitannites Room" is because the chat box was only a trial, so no one could use it anymore, and the fan art page would've been more successful if people could upload their art themselves. Unfortunately, that's not just simple HTML.

At some point, I need to take some time to go over the entire site and give it a huge update, but that's a big task, so I'm not up for it right now. There are more "Muffins" narrations to be put up, as well as some other stuff. The "Videos" page would be a lot better if there was a widget to sync my YouTube channel with this site, but you can't currently do that. Maybe I'll suggest it.

I also updated my email address on the "Links" page, but there are probably other places that still have the old address. That'll have to wait until I go over the site. That's all for now.



I removed the comment section for my health. I apologize.



Wow, I haven't been to my own site in over a year. I haven't checked comments or anything. Well, I'm trying to be a little more attentive now, we'll see how long that lasts. So far, I've updated the "Listen" section. I added the rest of the "Muffins" stories that have been recorded so far, as well as a new section for Parody music. I also took down my Drarry audiobook "Secrets, Confusion, and Confessions" because, let's face it, it wasn't very good, and my English accent was AWFUL. Instead, I put up "Well, THAT Escalated Quickly..." I also added "Devil's Angel," which is one of my original stories. I think I need to set some time aside for cleaning up my site a bit. When? No idea. But life isn't exactly... easy right now, so I'm dealing with a lot of stuff that I really shouldn't have to be dealing with, and it's stressing me out.

Ah, well, that's all for now.




It's been a long time since I've updated my site. I have a lot of reorganizing to do, that's for sure. The donation pool is still open for other expenses that aren't covered by LIHP (insurance) or EBT (food stamps.) LIHP actually doesn't cover one of my meds, but that's the least expensive one, so I'm lucky. One of the biggest things, however, is keeping this website up. It's not free. I also need to get off my lazy ass and make more products to sell.

Sorry I haven't checked the comments lately, most of my focus has been on DA and YouTube. BTW, we only need EIGHT MORE SIGS on the petition! Eight more, and then LOTS of hope.

So, I'm gonna try and pay a little more attention to keeping this site current. That's why I'm currently taking a break from DA and YouTube, to convince me to focus. But that also means there's gonna be quite a bit of stuff when I come back.

Alrighty then, peace.




I added a donation pool for whoever wants to contribute to my current financial crisis.




Added another cover as well as some drawings and stuff. And as for the petition, we only need 200 more sigs! if you don't wanna give your address, make one up. For example: 13868 Midgrove Way, El Cajon MD 92846. It's easy if you have all the right components.




Added a new category on the "Listen" tab for covers of other songs I've done. There are also a couple new songs on the "Music" page. And remember to keep signing the petition. We need 500 signitures! If you don't wanna put your information, make it up.




Added a couple new songs to the music page. Also, there are a couple more pictures here and there. Not a huge update. BTW, my goal for the petition is 500.




Added a games page to the Reitannites' Room. I also wrote the entry for the makeup page, added a rating system for my products, and changed the site fonts so exclamation marks wouldn't look like capital i's anymore. The petition is doing great! Over 100! Keep at it guys! Last thing is, there is now a poll on the front page.




I made a petition against DA. You can find the link to sign it in the "Events" page and the "Links" page. Please support our cause.




I added a new section to "Listen." It's my improvised songs that I didn't write, but just sang whatever popped up in my head. I'm working on Etsy products right now, that's why there's been no PWF page.




Added banners to the beauty tips pages. Realized I spelled "beauty" wrong. T_T It was too late to fix it, so I added a tacky caption on the banner. Also, I filled out all the information I could think of on the "skin" page. That's all for today.




By request, I've added a chat for you guys. It was also requested that I make it possible for people to post their fan art, but unfortunately there's no easy HTML solution to this. I'd need to know PHP, and by looking at it, I cannot make heads or tails out of it. IF YOU KNOW PHP, CONTACT ME DIRECTLY THROUGH DEVIANT ART! This would be an awesome feature to the site! Instead I'm allowing people to email me their pictures!

I also added a new section for the girls (and boys who are interested). Beauty Tips are now available! Let me know if you have requests!




Okay, I've done all that I can think of to my site, so I'm gonna go ahead and activate it! I'm super excited! One thing is, on my end, it's looks like the videos won't play. I've put in a ticket for this and I hope I can fix it. Until then, you can still find my videos on my YouTube channel. Have fun!




Wow! I was so frustrated with Deviant Art being a bitch about PWF, I decided to make a website for it. Then I was like, why don't I just make a website for everything?? So here I am, spending my disability leave creating a website. I'm on a 10 day trial right now, but I like this site, so I'll more than likely do monthly payments to keep it. This is really cool, and it might help spread the Word of Awesome!