Terms of Use

Welcome to the section of my website devoted to custom content I've made for The Sims 4. Before you download my stuff, please read and respect the following terms of use:

  • You may only recolor my stuff if I specify you can. If it's for personal use, it's fine, but do not distribute recolors on any site unless I give permission.
  • If you recolor something I say you can upload somewhere, do not include the mesh, link back to mine.
  • You may not edit my original meshes (unless it's for personal use) without my written permission. This means YOU MUST ASK ME FIRST.
  • If you upload derivitives of my content (with permission) to other sites, do not upload to paysites, donation sites,¬†or use address shorteners like Adf.ly. EA has a strict rule against making money off of custom content, so don't do it! When in doubt, upload to The Sims Resource or ModTheSims.
  • If you are under the age of eighteen, DO NOT VISIT THE NSFW PAGE. It will ask you your age, do not lie!
  • If you find a problem with one of my meshes, please let me know. If you understand meshing, you may volunteer to fix it if you think you can. I'm still a beginner, so it's very probable there might be issues, but I always test them in game.

If these terms are not followed, I have the legal right to file a DMCA takedown report to have your upload removed. Please be an honest person and follow the rules. If you would like to donate to me for my time and effort, there is a PayPal button on my home page. You do not need PayPal to donate.