Terms of Use

Welcome to the section of my website devoted to custom content I've made for The Sims 4. Due to my recent awareness of EA's terms, I have changed my rules:

  • You are allowed to do anything with my creations except demand real money for people to access it. If you recolor or modify my meshes, and you post it on your patreon, you are not allowed to offer it as "supporter exclusive." All content, regardless of its creator, must be free to everyone, though you may offer early access two to three weeks before making it free.
  • It would be very much appreciated if you did not claim that you made the textures or mesh. Credit to me is appreciated, but optional. Still, if you choose not to credit me, please don't claim it's 100% yours.
  • It would also be appreciated if you uploaded your derivations of my content to one or more of the following sites: The Sims Resource, ModTheSims, SexySims, or LoversLab. This way I can see it and download it as well.
  • Do you want to use my stuff for something else? Did you want to convert it for another Sims game, or MMD, or a different game entirely? Did you want to use it for an animation or something? Go for it! I do ask you to please leave a link to where you got it from, and if you offer your conversion for download, ALWAYS make it free. That means no DA points if you upload it to DeviantArt.

I am sorry for my previous rules, I, just like many creators, was under the impression that I was allowed to create such terms. However, no creator is allowed to do that. I am thankful for learning about this so that the CC community can better excersize their creative freedom. So... have fun!